Hate Propaganda--World War666 demo cassette{War Arts Productions} posted on 10-29-19

Hate Propaganda--World War666 demo cassette{War Arts Productions}
Hate Propaganda are a black war metal duo coming out of Portugal's metal scene.World War 666 is the bands debut release featuring five tracks of primitive.violent black metal sickness.The vocals are harsh raw blackend screeches the vocalist uses some gruff growls in a few of the of the songs.The drums are done with extremely chaotic blast beats.If you are a fan of bestial,primitive war metal then do not miss out on this debut demo.
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Ruach Raah--Submission In Absolute cassette{War Arts Productions} posted on 10-29-19

Ruach Raah--Submission In Absolute cassette{War Arts Productions}
Ruach Raah return with a brand new demo featuring five tracks of old-school black metal.Submission In Absolute is aggressive,raw and primitive black metal.The guitars range from extremely fast guitars to a more controlled mid paced range.The vocals are classic,grim black metal screams that fit the music perfectly.The drums are done with a lot of skill and experience going from a fast drum pace with some blast beats that are used in a few of the tracks.The drummer does slow to a slower,mid paced range in some of the songs.Ruach Raah have unleashed a demo of aggressive and filthy black metal intensity.
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Darkmoon Warrior--Angels Of Dirt-Beast Of Rebellion cd{Folter Records} posted on 10-20-19

Darkmoon Warrior--Angels Of Dirt-Beast Of Rebellion  cd{Folter Records}
Germany's Darkmoon Warrior return with their brand new release.Angels Of Dirt-Beast Of Rebellion contains eight tracks of aggressive,violent black metal intensity but the band does add some slower more melodic passages within the music.The guitars are played with a mix of fast paced guitar patterns and some slower more controlled guitars.The vocals range with traditional,raw black metal screams and some gruff growls are used in a few of the songs.
If you are a fan of quality well performed black metal then do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of Angels Of Dirt-Beast Of Rebellion.
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Interview with Aegrus done by Patrick 10-12-19

Interview with Aegrus done by Patrick

1.Hails how are things in Finland this week?Please introduce yourself to the readers?
Hails! Things are are great as the release date for the new album is getting closer day by day. Aegrus is a uncompromising Finnish Black Metal band hailing from Kouvola, formed in 2005 by Darkseer Inculta and Lux Tenebris to act as a vision about Satanic devotion - a vision that, over the years, has grown even deeper with its misanthrophic outlook about Lucifer/Satan, with light and darkness acting as a guiding force behind the members' passionate interest towards darkness, occult, self-development, and transcendental knowledge.

2.When did you first discover black metal and who were the first bands you listened to?Who are some current bands that have caught your attention?
For me first bands ever were Bathory and Satyricon and I still enjoy Dark Medieval Times album and Bathory albums before viking-stuff.

3.Aegrus was started back in 2005 when did you first get the idea to start this band?How did you choose Aegrus as the name of the band and does it have a special meaning?
Darkseer Inculta and Lux Tenebris met through mutual friend and founded together satanic propaganda machine that became to be Aegrus. Aegrus, which translates in English as ill or diseased, was chosen as a name for the band because it represents very well the feeling of being sick amongst the ignorant flock of ordinary mislead people. 

4.Who would you say are the bands biggest influences?
There are many bands to name just a few, so I would say the biggest influences comes from generally overall Scandinavian Black Metal scene. Or at least did especially in the beginning years. Since then more influences have been absorbed and with more wider scale from all over the world at least for some extent. But I'd say that our origins still emanates strongly in our music.

5.In Manus Satanas is the bands third full length release how long did it take the band to write the music for the new release?
There were so many songs already done at the time when Thy Numinous Darkness was released, so we didn´t have to use much time composing music. We took a lot of time to rehearse songs to get them finished in their final form. Because we rehearse and record all our music in our rehearsal chamber, we can use as much time as we want whenever we want. Earlier recordings were done by Lux Tenebris and Darkseer Inculta and this was first time when burden was shared with them by Me responsible for other guitar and Serpentifer for drums.

6.Who usually handles writing the lyrics for the music?Which usually comes first the lyrics or the music?
Darkseer Inculta does most of the lyrics and musical arrangements along some minor part of the lyrics are Lux Tenebris`work. Lux Tenebris brings songs to others when he thinks they´re ready. Then the songs go through some changes if needed and if some other member has a fitting addition which serves the atmosphere better. Usually after that the lyrics starts to evolve. In some occasions lyrics have been made before any music but more often it goes another way around.

7.Besides the upcoming release are the bands previous releases still available for the readers to purchase?Besides physical releases does the band have any other merchandise currently available for the readers to buy if yes what is available and where can the readers buy it?
Demo material is pretty much sold out and can maybe be found in some distros. One can buy Thy Numinous Darkness and In Manus Satanas (preorder) t-shirts from Saturnal Records. There's also Aegrus logo patch available there. Purity Through Fire is shortly about to release a 7 inch called Wolves Howl Revenge and LP version of In Manus Satanas. With those comes a new t-shirt also.

8.Does Aegrus play live very often or do you prefer working in the studio?What have been some of the bands most memorable shows over the years?Who are some bands you have shared the stage with?
We have been played live just a couple times per year yet we enjoy to playing live so there could be more gigs in our calendar, especially outside Finlands border for a change. Grand Belials Key is of course the most mentionable band that we have had opportunity to play with in some secret location. It´s hard to say what has been the best show but it´s always great to have opportunity to play with like-minded people. Horna and Antimateria to name few.

9.Aegrus comes out of the legendary Finnish black metal scene what is your opinion of the black metal scene in Finland?
There are still many people involved who have been in this scene from the start. Besides these oldtimers there´s large selection of people who have opinions that are either in line with reason and intelligence and sadly some are just some hollow tough-guy-types that have nothing to offer in spiritual sence. Few exceptions aside the scene is going very strong.

10.Who are your all-time favorite Finnish black metal bands and are their any new bands you feel the readers should check out soon?
Behexen has always been my favourite band with Horna following good second.

11.What does black metal mean to you?
Freedom to express yourself in a way that brings the thoughts from deep within your soul out in the open. It´s very cleansing form of art, trip to inner self, some sort of meditation without the boundaries of  everyday life. 

12.I believe the band sings and writes about Satanism and Occult subjects when did you become interested in studying these subjects?
I´ve been a very religious person as long as I can remember. At very young age, maybe around 10 years old I found books telling the origin of world and man and I understood that people all around the world had same gods. At that point I started to think more of the unseen aspects of world. Everyone who has at least some thinking capability understands that traditional god versus satan wasn´t more than a way to keep uneducated people in line.

13.Who are some Satanist and Occultist you study and have read over the years?
Vexior/Ekortu has most interesting thoughts about the spiritual world. He´s devotion to understand the spiritual world is staggering.

14.Thank you for taking the time to fill this interview out do you have any final comments for the readers?
Thank you. In the making of music there is no room for opinions from outside and no compromise is made. We continue to work on a path that we have chosen and try to exceed ourselves.
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Aegrus--In Manus Satanas cd{Saturnal Rec.} posted on 9-28-19

Aegrus--In Manus Satanas cd{Saturnal Rec.}
Aegrus is a black metal band coming out of the mighty Finnish scene.In Manus Satanas is the bands newest full length.The guitars are played with mainly fast razorsharp guitar chords and patterns.The guitarist does slow to a more controlled mid paced style in some of the tracks even adding some guitar solo's in a few of the songs.The vocals are raw,grim black metal screams and shrieks that fit the bands music perfectly.The drums are played with hyperspeed blasting drums but the drummer does slow to a more controlled mid paced range throughout a few of the tracks before blasting away at the kit.If you are looking for a band that plays uncompromising satanic black metal then look no further and pick up a copy of  In Manus Satanas today.
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Interview with Atra Mors done on 9-23-19

Interview with Atra Mors 

1.Hello Noctu thank you for taking the time to fill this interview out would you please introduce yourself to the readers?
 Honestly there is little to say about me. For years I have been following an esoteric path and, at the same time, I transmit my knowledge through the music I compose. In addition to a marked predisposition to misanthropy.
I'm not what you would call a great musician, but I have a lot of ideas on my mind and I try to materialize them to the fullest.

2.When did you first become interested in writing and playing music?What were the first instruments you learned to play?Who are some of your favorite musicians and influences?
I started playing as a teenager, around the age of 14, shortly after starting my esoteric journey.
I started playing guitar. I also immediately tried as a vocalist.
For a long time I played in several local bands (in the early 90s). I went from one band to another because I couldn't find the best way to express what I wanted.
Thrash Metal was my starting point ('86) with bands like Metallica, Sepultura, Venom. In a few years I switched to the Death Metal of Obituary, Grave, Unleashed, Asphyx, etc., and shortly after ('93), thanks to a friend, I listened to "A Blaze in the Northern Sky" and "Under a Funeral Moon" by Darkthrone . For me it was a shock! That raw, cold and morbid sound was the definitive answer to what I was looking for. Burzum, Immortal, Satyricon, Bathory and other bands became my daily bread.
The problem is that in those years there were few people who listened to Black Metal and even fewer who played it.
I also tried to listen to the few Italian bands that played Black Metal at that time, like Opera IX and Mortuary Drape. But honestly, these bands had a very different sound than what I liked.
So I started playing bass, drums and keyboards too.
I wanted to do everything myself like Varg Vikernes with his Burzum.
But I hadn't considered a very important detail: Italy has always been considered a poor nation on a cultural level. The glories of the previous century were only a memory.
The modern mentality based only on fashions and appearances, as well as the average stupidity of the people, has led my country to an unprecedented decline.
And this has negatively affected my expectations. Every time I created a new demo and proposed it to some sector label, I didn't even receive an answer.
This led to an exponential growth of the misanthropy I had inside. So I stopped playing, dedicating myself to something else. But the appeal of Black Metal was strong. In 2007 I returned with the Shadowolf project, but my plans were again frustrated. I also set aside that project. Then, in 2015, I created Atra Mors. During the following year I created some demos and two albums, but all the material remained in digital format because not even a label deigned to consider my material.
Then, during 2018, while composing what would become the third album, I decided to try a change. I focused on the instrumental parts, thinking of sharing this project with a vocalist from a country other than my own. At that time I was in contact with musicians from Finland, but none of them seemed to be interested in this collaboration. Collaborate with an Italian? Absolutely not! Never mix with the mafia scum.
Then one day, while I was looking at my vinyl collection, I found myself in the hands of the Black Funeral albums. I knew Michael for his fame, both musically and from an esoteric / spiritual point of view. I remember that I thought "He is too high for me".
But what did I have to lose? Anything.
So I tried to contact him and ask him to listen to the new album I had recorded. To my surprise he agreed to record the vocals. And what you can now listen to is the result.

3.Are their any instruments that you would like to learn to play one day?
There are actually several instruments that I'd like to learn to play, like violin, cello, some ethnic instruments and especially the saxophone.
If I get the chance, I won't let it slip away.

4.You started Atra Mors in 2015 what gave you the idea to start this band?How did you choose Atra Mors as the name of the band and does it have a special meaning?
Atra Mors represents the veneration of Death.
The ultimate goal of my esoteric and spiritual journey combined with my misanthropic attitude and the desire to see Death at work against the modern world. I hate 90% of what the modern world offers: politics, corruption, the mafia, fashions, etc.All aspects that lead the human being to be an empty shell that runs after trivial banalities demonstrating a stupidity without brakes.
There are so many things in the world that can give life a great meaning. I and others like me have chosen to go beyond appearances and fill our souls with Ancient Wisdom, while we find ourselves surrounded by subhuman slaves of emptiness.

5.Dominate Upon The Throne Of Might is the bands third full length release how long did it take you to write the music for the new release?Which usually comes first the music or the lyrics?
In total, it took me about two weeks to write music and lyrics, but this was broken down over several months.

I write and compose only when I feel the right inspiration. When inspiration is lacking it is useless for me to try to write something. I would lose only time.
In any case, I don't have a specific method to compose. Inspiration can come from other music I listen to, from a movie I saw, from a book I read, from moments of hiking between mountains and forests. Everything is then filtered through my continuous studies of esoteric matter. The occult is an integral part of my life and everything is filtered by it.
Sometimes I start with a guitar, bass or keyboard line. Other times I start with a text for the lyrics.
I think that having no limits is the best thing, for any artist.

6.On the new release you have Baron Draconian Abandon handling the vocals for the band are you happy with the job he did on the new songs?Will you two work together on future Atra Mors releases?
I am fully satisfied with the result. Michael has created something truly unique and particular. And he got to experience something different from what he produces with his main band, Black Funeral.
As I said, he was interested in what I composed. Moreover he was not limited by prejudices about my origin. Indeed, he has amply demonstrated his admiration for my heritage. I am originally from Lombardy, the central region of Northern Italy. A beautiful area. In the southern area there are boundless plains and in the north the Orobic Alps. Furthermore, my area is rich in medieval history, an aspect that greatly fascinates Michael.
All this inspired Michael to create some of the best vocal lines ever produced.
As for the band's future, I don't know what to say yet. I never make predictions about it. I'd like it if Michael still worked with me. I admit that it is mainly because of his fame that this album had this media exposure. I believe that without him, this album would not even have been considered.
But I can't say if he wants to continue this collaboration.
I honestly don't even know when and if there will be a new album.
Everything will depend on my inspiration. I don't know where she will lead me.

7.Besides the Dominate Upon The Throne Of Might release are the bands previous releases still available for the readers to purchase?Besides physical releases do you currently have any other merchandise available for the readers to buy if yes what is available and where can the readers buy it?
 Honestly, the old material, released in 2016, was available for a limited period of time through a streaming site that I used to offer my albums to various labels. But, having been totally ignored, I deleted the link.
I had thought of opening a bandcamp page, but for what purpose?
The new album was made available by Humanity's Plague Productions in digital format and CD.
The old material is never interested in anyone, so why would anyone be interested now? Just because now there's Michael? Do my compositions have acquired value just because he is there? If for people I've always been a loser, I will continue to be a loser. So all these Black Metal "pundits" can kiss my ass and go fuck themselves!

8.Besides working in Atra Mors do you currently work with any other bands or solo projects?If yes please tell the readers a little about them?
In the same period in which I created Atra Mors, I also created Noctu, a Funeral Doom project (another musical genre that possessed me) that owes to bands like Nortt, Evoken and Mournful Congragation.
I also created Necromist, another project (first shared with the drummer Nebula) of which I made 5 demos, a concentrate of Black / Death Metal with punk and Industrial influences.
Recently I realized an Atmospheric Black Metal project with Industrial influences called Nameless Void, inspired by bands like Mysticum and Darkspace. In this project RM is involved in the voice (Urna, Dea Marica, Arcana Coelestia, Locus Mortis, Aphonic Threnody).
In addition to this, I also created a project, totally alone, called Nocturnal Convocation, in which I put together elements of Sludge, Doom and Death Metal.

9.What does Black Metal mean to you?
 This is a question I often hear myself asking, especially lately.
A precise answer cannot be given. Black Metal is certainly not what many today's bands think, concentrating on experimenting with new sound solutions to impress young people today.
True Black Metal is an attitude, a way of life and a way to transcend ancient spirituality. The musical part serves to channel the energy generated through true esoteric rituals.
Many think that playing Black Metal is a way to express their disagreement with society, politics and religion. But they are totally wrong. All these Black Metal posers would do better to call their music otherwise, because it's anything but Black Metal.
Instead, "we continue to fly beyond the Dark Gates".

10.Thank you Noctu for taking the time to fill this interview out do you have any final words for the readers?
Thank you for accepting my words.

True Black Metal is only for those who have the will to go beyond the physical world they have before their eyes.
Everyone else can stay away.
Fuck You All!!!

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