ChaosCraft--Cryptic Decadence cd {Death Portal Rec/Vacula Prod.} posted on 7-13-18

ChaosCraft--Cryptic Decadence  cd {Death Portal Rec/Vacula Prod.}
Cryptic Decadence is the bands second full length release featuring eight songs of fast,crazed black metal.The vocals are harsh raw black metal screams and some death metal growls are used throughout some of the songs.For the most part the drumming is played with  fierce and intense drum patterns.The drummer does slow to a calmer mid paced drum style in some of the songs before going hyperspeed blasting drums.The guitarist is similar to the drummer playing a mix of both extreme fast guitar passages and some slower mid paced guitar parts.If you are looking for a band that plays traditional black metal band that has some thrash and war metal mixed into the music then do yourself a favor and buy a copy of Cryptic Decadence  today

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