Burial Hordes--The Termination Thesis cd {Folter Records} posted on 8-12-18

Burial Hordes--The Termination Thesis  cd {Folter Records}
Coming out of the mighty Greek black,death metal scene is Burial Hordes who have been releasing quality  violent music since 2001.The Termination Thesis is the band fourth full length release featuring six songs of uncomprimisng blackend death metal.The music is a mix of extremly fast and well played patterns but the band is not afraid to slow to a more mid paced style with some dark morbid atmosphere sounds and music.The vocals are a mix of deep death death growls and some raw gruff growls and some screams used throughout the songs.This is my first encounter with Greece's Burial Hordes but if you are a fan of the bands previous releases then do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of The Termination Thesis today.

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