Interview  with  Kapala done  by  Patrick posted on 11-4-17

Interview  with  Kapala done  by  Patrick

1.Hails  please  introduce yourself  to  the readers and  when  did you  first  meet the other  members of the  band?

We are Kapala and we're here to annihilate, desecrate and subjugate the filth and terrorize audio waves and ear drums.  We met on 6th July, 2016 with only one objective. To crush the weak. 

2.What  is  the  current  lineup  of  the band and who  would you  say  are  Kapala's biggest  influences?

We now have recruited the mighty Pulverizer recently to lay down inhuman bombardments. S did good work with the band during 'Infest Cesspool' but had to leave because of personal reasons. Kapala's biggest influences will always be Conqueror, Blasphemy, Goatpenis,  Black Witchery, Zygoatsis and various other such deadly legions.

3.Infest Cesspool  is the  band's debut Mcd  which  is  being  released  through Dunkelheit Prod.  how  did you  all come in contact  with this  great  label?

We sent the promo track 'Homosapiennihilation' to various labels and Dunkelheit got in touch with us first which marked the beginning of our current unholy alliance. 

4.How long  did it  take the band to  write  the music for the  debut release? Does  the whole  band work on the music or does one member  usually  write  everything?

We work as an unit always and 'Infest Cesspool' took an year to complete. 

5.Besides  the  debut Mcd Infest Cesspool  does the band  have any  other merchandise  available  for the  readers? If  yes  what  is  available  and where can the  readers  buy it?

Pre-orders for anti-scum armour have begun and buyers should contact the mighty Dunkelheit for them. 

6.Kapala  comes out of  India's black, death metal scene  what is your  opinion  of the  scene  in  India?

Total fuckoff to the weak, scum infested "black metal" scene in India consisting of scarf wearing hipster opportunists, animal loving laveyan vegans, religious burzum rip-offs, cowardly facebook keyboard warriors, mediocre bands who talk about purity and 'true' black metal while playing with core and groove idiots, half-assed 'Vedic' imitators, Bollywood mallcore churchgoers and bands who brag about their stupid endorsements from guitar picks to strings. Total rejection of their retarded interpretation of the black/death art , pseudo-occultism and their peace-loving attitude. We hail only the bands of the true Kolkata Inner Order and a few others such as Dhwesha. Only Kolkata has kept the old school and true music alive in India and it is definitely the epicenter for such. Black/death is not for the comfort loving and complacent individuals. It's for real Sikfukks only!! 

7.Who  are  some bands coming out  of India  you  could recommend to  the  readers?

Tetragrammacide, Jyotisavedanga, Banish and the yet unreleased Necrodeity 

8.Besides  working  in  Kapala  do any of the band members  currently  play in  any  other  bands or  projects?

Some of us are involved in various unholy projects that are yet to be finalized. 

9.What  does  underground  metal  mean  to  you  all?

Passion, honour and integrity form the foundation of the underground. It is simply not music it is a stand against the mass hypnosis and cultural degradation we get subjected to every single day. It is not about    people-pleasing ; not about licking boots, backstabbing or being 'famous'. Above all it is about Pride because in a world of compromise some do not.

10.Does  Kapala get  to  play  live  very  often  or do you  prefer to  work in  the  studio? Are there  any tours or  shows  coming up  in  support of the  debut Mcd?

Kapala is not limited to studio. Our live shows are limited since we play only if the lineup and promoters are worth it such as with and for our brothers of the Kolkata Inner Order. However in near future it is a possibility. 

11.Has  the  band  started  working on  new music  for the  next  release? Have  you  thought  about  how many  songs  you  would like  to  have the  next  release?

We have begun working on newer songs for another release and all details will be revealed when our efforts bear fruit.

12.Thank  you  for  taking  the  time  to  fill  this  interview out  do you  have  any final words  for the  readers?


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