Schrat--Alptraumganger cd {Folter Records}

Schrat--Alptraumganger   cd {Folter Records}
Germany's black metal band Schrat unleash their  third full length Alptraumganger.Starting out  with a short intro the music goes  straight into the furious old school black metal style from the early to mid 90's.The guitar work is intense with  extremly fast guitar  patterns that race through the songs with some well written guitar patterns.The guitarist does slow to a mid paced  range throughout a few of the  songs before going back to the extremly  fast pace which he seems to like.The drumming is done with furious  blasting drums  that  fit Schrat's old school style perfectly.The drummer does  slow to a more controlled  drum pace throughout the songs and does perform some well  played drum patterns.The vocals are raw,grim black metal screams  that fit Schrat's  style of black metal perfectly.If you are a  fan of violent,old school black metal  then  look no  further  then Schrat's newest release Alptraumganger.
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