Autarcie--Sequania cd {Purity Through Fire} 5-13-18

Autarcie--Sequania  cd  {Purity Through Fire}
Coming out of the French black metal scene is Autarcie who play old school black metal with some melodic elements.Nokturn handles the vocals which are a mix of grim black metal screams that fit the bands  musical style.Nokturn also handles the guitars  for the band which  are mainly played in the mid paced range.The guitars do speed up to a faster range throughout some of the songs.
Skogsvandrer  takes care of the drum duties  which are played with both a hyperspeed fast drum style and a calmer mid paced range within some of the  songs.Sequania is the bands sixth  release and is written and played extremely well with  some excellent musicianship.

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