Interview with Morbosidad done by Patrick posted on 2-16-18

Interview with Morbosidad done by Patrick

1.Hails how are things going in Texas these days?Please introduce yourself to the readers?

**Hails brother, things are good so far. This is Tomas Stench vocalist of Morbosidad.

2.I know you have been a part of the underground scene for many years were you ever into tape trading in the late 80's,early 90's? What were some of the early metal gems that you got?

**Fuck yeah!! back in the old days, is was the only way to find about bands. We did not have internet, metal archives like the this new generation have. They have it so easy nowdays. Miss those days brother, Im still doing some tape trading if I have the time. Way to many to mention, some gems I was able to get from those days were like Black Crucifixion, Xysma,Devastation (Texas), Pactum, Tenebrarum, Repugnance, Infierno (Argentina), Epidemic, Immanis,Feacal Tripe,Exhumed, Murder Rape, Mortuary (France), Godless (Puerto Rico), Hadez, Sorath (USA) plus many more.

3.Besides tape trading were you a big reader of fanzines back in the day? What were some of your favorite zines to read and what do you feel made a good fanzine?

**I was actually, dont remember some of their names though but I really liked reading mostly the ones from South Americaand Central. Xerox copies, copy and paste, true feeling nothing fancy, bunch of UG band flyers, the perfect old school way, you dont see that often anymore nowadays.

4.I believe Morbosidad was formed in the mid 90's what gave you the idea to start this band?And what is the current line up of the band?

**I actually found a zine a while ago back at home in California, I was going through some boxes of old mail and found a Morboso interview from Blasphemous Zine from Costa Rica from 1991. I always though we were formed in 1993 haa, funny story though, something I wanted to share.
One reason I wanted to form the band was to be able to express myself through music, sometimes listening to bands was not enough, I wanted to do something more then just being a fan. Spread the hate and listen and support to the UG at the same time.
Current line up now is me (Tomas Stench) on vocals, Joe Necro on guitar,
Ded Ted on bass and Matt Mayhem on drums.

5.For the readers who have never heard Morbosidad's music how would you best describe it and who would you are are some of the bands biggest influences?

**Morboso Metal! Our main ininfluences are and will be Sarcofago,Beherit,Archgoat and Blasphemy.

6.Corona De Epidemia is Morbosidad's fifth full length release how long did it take the band to write the music for the new release?

**This new album took more time the we except it.
it was recorded on two sessions. Side A supposed to be for a split with Necrosic but it never happen. Then side B was recorded two years later due to our bus schedules with work, me being away from home etc but I think if we are 100% dedicated and focus to write a new album, it should not take us more then 5 months to have it done.

7.What have been some of Morbosidad most memorable shows over the years? And who were some bands you had the opportunity to share the stage with?

**To many to mention, but one of our faves will be Black Flames of Blasphemy, NWN Fest, Brazilian Ritual, the one we did in Guatemala a few years ago and of course the ones we always do on small venues, those always get rawdy and crazy. We had been lucky to shared stage with Autopsy, Blasphemy, Archgoat, Sadistic Intent, Nifelhiem, Incantation, etc.

8.Are their any tours or shows coming up in support of the new release? If yes where will the band be playing?

**Yes, actually Im answering this interview one day before heading to the East Coast to play a few shows in Marylan, NY and Boston. Next month (March) we are playing a fest with
Pestilence, Morbid Macabre etc in Guatemala and El Salvador. In May a local show in San Antonio, then in April we are playing a fest in Tenessee with Dysma,Abysmal Lord etc. In June we are playing Destroying Texas with Zemial, Sabbat,Ungod etc. We are going back to Chicago in July to play a fest with Blaspherian, Manticore, etc Then in October we might do 2 shows in South America and November Im working on 2 dates in Los Angeles and Oakland, pretty busy this last years of Morboso Metal.

9.Besides playing in Morbosidad do you or any of the members currently work with any other bands or solo projects?

**Matt my drummer plays in Blaspherian and Oath of Cruelty. Joe same thing, Blaspherian. Ded Ted he plays in a band called Hell Razor. Im working on project called Mercenario,with Jeff from (Bloodsoaked/ Mex) and Bestial Saviour. Our plan is to record a demo tape first then and ep later an hopefully a full lenght if things go smooth.

10.Morbosidad comes out of the mighty scene in Texas what are your thoughts on the scene in Texas over the years?

**Morbosidad was formed in California, I happen to be living here in Texas for the moment. Texas scene is good, total support to bands, lots of new good bands, plus the old ones of course. The fans are crazy as fuck! one of the best shows we have done was here in San Antonio, fans got rawdy and crazy as always, they never disappoint.

11.Who are your all-time favorite bands coming out of the Texas scene? And are their any new bands you could recomend to the readers to check out soon?

**My fave one is Devastation, I know you got Necrocore, Dead Horse, DRI, Rigor Mortis, SA Slayer, Ripping Corpse, Gammacide etc but to my Devastation was killer when I first heard their first tiltle, then signs and of course Idolatry. I like HOD, Funeral Bastipsm,Oath of Cruelty just to name a few.

12.When you need to take a break from writing music or band business what do you like to do in your free time?

**I'm always busy with the band and my job but on my free time I like to watch movies and sports, that's about it nothing fancy or out of ordanary.

13.Thank you for taking the time to fill this interview out do you have any final comments for the readers?

Thanks for the interview, the space and support. Support the real UG!!

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