Review of GoatKraft--Angel Slaughter Mlp.Mcd {Iron Bonehead Rec.} done by Patrick posted on 2-11-18

GoatKraft--Angel  Slaughter Mlp.Mcd {Iron Bonehead  Rec.}

Norway's GoatKraft  have unleashed their beast of a debut  Angel  Slaughter featuring five songs  of primitive and brutal  war metal.The  vocals  are  grim,raw black metal screechy vocals but the vocalist  does add  some deeper growls and screams that are used throughout  the songs.The drums  are done with  hyperspeed blasting drums but the drummer does go for a heavier drum style.GoatKraft does a great  cover of Black Witchery's Unholy Vengeance Of War which is  a very intense and impressive  cover.If you  are looking for  a barbaric war metal release then  be sure  to  pick up a  copy of  Angel  Slaughter once it is  released in March.
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