Provocator-Satan,Chaos,Blood And Terror Cd reviewed by Patrick posted on 2-2-18

Provocator--Satan,Chaos,Blood And Terror  Cd [Moribund  Records}

Provocator is  HellScream's{vocalist of Bleeding Fist} other  band  that  plays savage old school black metal that is influences  by  both the 80's and early 90's influences.HellScream's  writes and performs both extremely fast and some  mid paced black metal.The vocals  are  handled  by  Lord Astaroth of Kurgall on this  release.Which  are a mix of  raw blackend  screams and some  gruff,deeper screams that  fit  Provocator's musicial style perfectly.If you  are  a  fan  of old Beherit Archgoat or  Bathory  then  defintly  pick up  a copy  of   Satan,Chaos,Blood And Terror  today.

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