Blutvial --Mysteries Of Earth cd {Heidens Hart Rec.} posted on 3-17-18

Blutvial --Mysteries Of Earth cd {Heidens Hart Rec.}

Coming out of the U.K  black metal  scene is Blutvial who will release their third release on March 20th.Mysteries Of Earth is ten tracks of cold,raw mid paced black metal with some faster parts entertwined within the music.The vocals are  harsh,raw blackend screams and some deeper death metal growls are  used  in a few  of the songs.Drums are played with a mix of hyperspeed blast beats and some slower,mid paced  drum patterns are mixed into the music.The drummer does a great job of executing  both hyper fast  drums and the more controlled slower drum patterns.The guitars  are similar  with to the drums  with  some fierce and extremly fast guitar parts through out the songs.The guitarist does slow to a more controlled calmer mid paced style within some of the songs.If you  are looking for a  fast.raging  black metal  release then look no  further  then  Mysteries Of Earth and pick up a  copy today.

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