Review of Stillborn--Crave For Killing Mcd,MLp and cassette {Godz Ov War Prod.} done by Patrick

Stillborn--Crave For Killing  Mcd,MLp and cassette {Godz  Ov War Prod.}

Poland's blackend death war masters  return with  a new Ep  featuring five songs of extreme and vicious black death metal.The vocals are raw and grim black metal screams and some deeper death metal growls are used throughout  the recording.Both vocal styles are done with a lot of power and fit Stilllborn's music perfectly.The drums  are played with a mix of hyperspeed blast beats and some heavier mid paced drum patterns mixed into the chaotic musical style that Stillborn  does  so great.The guitarist mainly plays lightning fast guitar patterns but does slow to a more controlled mid paced guitar sound mixed into  some of the songs.Stillborn have  unleashed  another great release of barbaric blackend death metal with elements of war metal entertwined within the music.

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