Interview with Vox Lvciferi posted on 3-22-18

Interview  with Vox Lvciferi  done  by Patrick

1.Hails Osgilliath how are things in Sweden this week?

Ave! It’s fine here, just a lot to do like always work-wise.

2.At what age were you when you first became interested in playing and writing music?

I think it must have started out at the age of 11 or 12, when I joined my first band as a vocalist. Was listening to a lot of old school punk and started a band like that back then. Took up guitar later on to enhance my song-writing abilities.

3.Are you self taught or did you take lessons when first starting out?What instruments do you currently play?

I took some lessons when I was younger, but didn’t like it too much and found it boring. But later when I took up interest in music, I started out by teaching myself.
My main instruments are guitar, vocals and bass. I also play drums and a bit of keyboards. And am self-taught on all the instruments.

4.Are their any instruments you would like to learn to play one day?

I always want to broaden my skill in instruments, but currently am enhancing proficiency in the instruments I play at the moment. However I would love to learn how to play an oud and also a hurdy-gurdy.

5.Who are some of your influences and favorite musicians?

It varies a lot from time to time due to my broad taste in music. Right now I’ve been into a lot of neo-folk like Death in June, Darkwood, Sonne Hagal and Current 93.
But my main influences would be Dissection, Dawn, Agalloch, Opeth and Woods of Ypres.

6.When did you first get the idea to start Vox Lvciferi and how did you choose the name of the band does it have a special meaning?

I’ve had the thought of the project for almost half a year, without a name though. The name Vox Lvciferi came to me just like a lightning strike from a clear blue sky. It is translated to ”the Voice of Lucifer” from latin, and fits the idea of free-thought and evolving as a human being through knowledge.

7.I believe you are the sole member of the band when you started Vox Lvciferi did you plan to work as a one man band or would you like to find some new musicians to work with?

I don’t know what the future holds, but currently I will go for being the sole member of the bands. You shouldn’t have way too many cooks in the kitchen, but sometimes these can add pretty good flavour to the dish. The only idea to take in other people in the project, would be for a live-lineup.

8.If you had the opportunity to work with any musicians past or present who would you like to work with?

Never really thought about that question, and if it would happen I wouldn’t like to co-operate but having more of the mindset to learn from other people to get better at what I’m doing. So in that case Steven Wilson would be pretty cool, or the guys behind Nightbringer or Summoning.

9.Ov Lacerated Soil is the new EP. how long did it take you to write the music for this release?

The writing process was very intense and it took almost two months of just sitting at home getting everything down.

10.Where do you draw inspiration for the lyrics and what are some topics written about on Ov Lacerated Soil?

The lyrics are mainly based on some personal beliefs and to go to its extremes which I really can’t in real life. It is a lot better to remake it into creative energy than just spewing out onto other people over the internet.
However it is not only locked into that, since I like to read a lot of ancient mythology and religions. Also a lot of philosophy and history on that.
On ”Ov Lacerated Soil” the lyrics are mainly about finding the strength in the darker and ”evil” powers and exercising them as an individual to endure through hardships. Kind of a very Nietzschean philosophy, which is one of the main inspirations for the project.
The mentioned parts concerning mythology are evident in the song ”Serpents Call (Devourer)” where references to both viking rituals, cosmology and Sumerian mythology are there.

11.Where can the readers buy your releases besides the EP.does the band have any other merchandise availilble for the readers to buy?

So far the EP ”Ov Lacerated Soil” is the only release so far, and is available for purchase on bandcamp digitally for a small sum of money.
Not at the moment, but hopefully more merchandise and a physical release will be available in the not too distant future.

12.Besides playing in Vox Lvciferi do you currently work in any other projects or bands?

Yes, I actually play live guitar in the symphonic/depressive suicidal black metal band Mist of Misery.

13.What does black metal mean to you?

Black metal is about finding your own true self. It is a genre that is hard to understand for outsiders and also new-comers. But once you click with it you get a sense of self-fulfilment. It is like finding a long lost destination that you’ve yearned to trace back to.
Black metal is all about the emotion it holds, it is about its spirit that makes you feel mended. Not that it becomes a part of you, but you merge with it in order to become one unity. It is compelling on that simple basic, not music for everyone, but you yourself need to find the meaning of it.

14,I believe the EP. is self-released would you like to find a label to work with or do you prefer to self-release your music?

Yes, it is.
Well, I could self-release the rest of the material, but would prefer to have a label and currently looking into that right now.

15.Have you started working on new music for the next EP or would you like to work towards a full length?If yes how many songs are you working towards?

I started working on the full length just as soon as I finished off releasing the debut EP. So far I’m almost halfway done with three new songs almost done in full. Hopefully it will see the light of day in late 2018, but currently opting for a release early next year not to stress it out.
As a fan of a lot of older records, I have a distaste for the newer kind of thing with albums slapped together to cram as much material as possible into it. It is preferable for me to go for a shorter but more thought out experience to my listeners. So the next release will include 5-6 pretty long songs and some interlude tracks to stitch the whole thing together. So my aim will always be to try and clock in a record around 45-50 minutes.

16.Thank you Osgilliath for taking the time to fill this interview out do you have any final words for the readers?

I would like to thank you for the great questions and for this interview. And to everyone I highly suggest you check out the EP ”Ov Lacerated Soil” out now on both youtube and bandcamp.
Vox Lvciferi

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