Black metal reviews done by Patrick posted on 10-8-17

Ayat-Carry On,Carrion  cd{Moribund  Rec.}
After a nine year slumber Ayat  return  with their third  full length. Carry On,Carrion  is the bands  newest release featuring ten songs of cold,violent  black metal insanity.The  guitars range  from a raw controlled mid paced style to  a  faster  guitar pace.The guitarist does a  great  job  of playing both mid paced and  a faster guitar pace with some well executed solo's and  patterns mixed into the music.The  vocals are raw,raspy screams and in a few songs some heavier gruff growls are used.If you  are a  fanatic of cold,grim  black metal then  be sure to  pick up  a  copy  of   Carry On,Carrion when it  is released.
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Ieschure--The Shadow Lp,cd {Iron Bonehead Rec.}
Ieschure  is a new one  woman black metal  band  coming out of  the  Ukraine.The Shadow is  the  debut  release  featuring seven songs of mid 90's  black metal  featuring both fast sections and some more melodic,atmospheric sections.Lilita's vocals range from a  grim,black metal scratchy  vocals to a  more clean vocal singing style.The  guitars  are played mainly  in the  mid paced range  but  speed up to  a  faster pace  in  some  of the  songs.If  you  are a  fan of  mid ninties black metal  that  is  both well written  and  played  then  be  sure to  pick  up  a  copy  of  The Shadow  today.
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Lycanthropy--A.V.R.E.I.L  cd  {Lower  Silesian Stronghold}
Returning  with  their  sixth full length  release  A.V.R.E.I.L featuring nine tracks of powerful and solid blackend death metal.The  guitar work is great mix of  both a frenzied,fast pace to  a more controlled mid paced pace.The  guitarist  can write some well  written and played  patterns  and even  some solo's mixed into a few  of the songs.The  vocals are a mix of gruff growls and screams mixed with  some higher pitched  black metal screams.If you  have  heard and liked the last  few releases  from  Lycanthropy  then  be  sure to  pick up  a  copy  of the  new  cd  today.
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