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Kremlin--Decimation  Of The Elites cd {Godz Ov War  Prod.}
Coming out  of  Canada's aggressive and vicious  death,thrash metal scene is Kremlin.Decimation  Of The Elites is the  bands newest release which  has  nine songs of barbaric blasting death metal.The vocals are raw brutal  death metal growls and some raspy screams and old school type of vocals that really  fit the  bands vicious death metal style.The drums are played at a hyperspeed blasting pace.The drummer  does slow it down to a mid paced tempo in a few of the  songs before  going back to the hyperspeed blasting drums.The guitars are played in the  same vein as the drums with fast,raging  guitar  chords that are played with alot of talent and  writing  ability.If you  are  looking for a  new  band that  plays  barbaric oldschool death metal with  some  thrash elements  mixed in  then be sure to  check  out  Kremlin's  debut release  today.
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Malefic  Levitation--The Ancient  Plague cassette {Sentient Ruin}
Malefic  Levitation are  a  new duo  coming out  of   California's  blackend death war metal scene.The Ancient  Plague  is the bands  debut EP.featuring  four  tracks and  a  intro and outro.The music chaotic,violent  with  fierce  guitar patterns  and crazed,blasting  drums that  fit this  bands style  perfectly.The vocals are  grim raw blackend  screams with some deeper gruff  growls mixed into some of the  songs.If you  are a  fan war blackend death metal  then  be  sure to  pick up  a  copy  of The Ancient  Plague  today.
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