Interview  with  Goatpenis done by  Patrick posted on 10-12-17

Interview  with  Goatpenis done by  Patrick

1.Hails! Goatpenis  first  formed  in 1991 what gave you  the idea  to  start this  band?

Sabbaoth I had the necessity to express my art. Music was the best choice. 

2.Who  would you  say  are  Goatpenis's  biggest  influences?

Sabbaoth - Surely were bands like Fear of God and Necrobutcher (Brazil). First time we got in contact with those bands we changed our vision of music, band, art and attitude! 

3.In  the  early  years  of  the band  did you  all trade  a lot  of  demo's?Where  were some of  the  countries  that you  sent the  demo's  to?

Sabbaoth - Yes. We got contact in everywhere. Specially in Switzerland, Holland and South America.

4.What  was the  reason  the band  disbanded  in 1997?

Sabbaoth - We didn´t. This information as some use to say is not correct. We just had a pause due we had no studio to rehearsal but the band was active but not producing till we got a personal studio to keep rehearsing!!!!

5.Goatpenis reformed  in1999 why  did you  decide to bring the  back?What  is  the  current  line-up  of the  band?

Sabbaoth - When we finally found out a place to rehersal we return to compose and prepare new stuff. The current line up is Sabbaoth (Vocal/bass) - Virrugus (Guitars) - MGM.666 (Drums)

6.Anesthic  Vapor  is  the bands  sixth  full-length which  will  be released  through  Nuclear War Now  how  did you  and the band come in  contact  with  this  legendary label?

Sabbaoth - It was me that contacted the label and then we have been dealing the best way possible since then!!

7.How long  did it take  the band to  write  the music for Anesthic  Vapor?Does  the whole  band  work on the music or does one  member usually  write  everything?

Sabbaoth - We all take part on it. I wrote most of the lyrics, thems and my partners supported me with ideas, suggestions and opinions. Most of music are composed by Virrugus and some were mine. The drums is completed by MGM.6666 that has several years of dedication and experience to metal!!!!

8.Besides  Anesthic  Vapor  does  the band  have  any of the previous  full lengths or demo's and EP'S still  available?Besides physical releases is  their any  other merchandise available for the readers to buy?Where  can  the  readers  buy your  releases  and merchandise?

Sabbaoth - We joined a tribute do ex-Black Witchery´s Tregenda. We recorded three inedit tracks for that!! It will be released soon but I can´t assure where and when!!

9.What  were  some of  the  bands most  memorable  shows  in the  early  years?And  who  are some  bands you have  shared the stage  with?

Sabbaoth - We really had good time in those events playing with bands such as Murder Rape, Scorner, Amen Corner, and most recent years like Blasphemy, Rotting Christ, Infernal War, Marduk and lots of great good bands!!

10.Are  their  any upcoming  shows or tours  in  support  of  Anesthic  Vapor?If yes  where  will  the band  be  playing?

Sabbaoth - We are going to play next November (2017) here in Brazil in a festival called Brazilian Ritual Fifth Attack with Blasphemy, Holocausto and Sex Trash!!!!!

11.What  does  underground  metal  mean  to you?

Sabbaoth - Nowadays, it means a shame. There are no respect, lack of attitude, the audience and bands are quite immature. it´s a pitty but metal is dying day by day!!

12.Did you  or  any of the members  ever read  may  fanzines  back in the  early  days?What  were   some  of your  favorite  fanzines  to  read?Are their  any current  fanzines or web-zines  that you  keep  up  with?

Sabbaoth - Always! We always support good and SERIOUS zines that want to share bands ideas and make a decent work. I can name lots of them from everywhere in the world. 

13.Goatpenis comes  out  of the legendary Brazilian  metal  scene  what  is your  opinion  of Brazil's metal  scene  over  the  years?

Sabbaoth - Brazilain bands have great chance to record and share their material nowadays due internet and media. Unfortunatelly I can´t see creativity and originality among them all...most want to copy other bands and are really closed minded! 

14.Who  are  some of your  all-time  favorite  bands  from  Brazil?Are  their  any  new  bands from Brazil  that you  feel  the  readers  should  check  out?

YES!! Necrobutcher and Apostasia are the bands I do support forever because they were far beyond the time. Nowadays, bands like Soddamed, Somberland, Fatal Incarned, Volkmort MUST be checked because they do a great and serious work!!! 

15.Thank you  for  taking  the  time  to  fill this  interview  out  do you  have  any  final   comments  for  the  readers?

I hope that I could make myself clear and those who had never heard on us keep in touch with the band music!!! Keep metal SERIOUS with RADICAL attitude!! Stop the pathetic and shameful way of life!!! NO REMORSE, JUST PUSH THE BUTTON!!!

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