Review of Ulverg--Vargkult done by Patrick posted on 1-22-18

Ulverg--Vargkult  cd  {Ashen  Dominion}

Vargkult  is  Ulverg's  fifth full length cd  featuring seven tracks  of intense and fast black metal,Helg handles the  guitars which  are played with a lot aggressive and fast riffs.Helg does know how to write and execute some well written structures.Helg  also  handles  the vocals  which  are  raw black metal  screams.Odalv  takes care of  the drum duties with  some blasting drum patterns but Odalv  does slow to  a more mid paced drumming pattern in a few  songs.This is  my first time hearing Ulverg so I can't speak of previous  releases but if you  enjoy crazed and intense black metal  then  defintly  do  not miss  out  on  Vargkult.

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