Disembowel--Plagues And Ancient Rites LP {Iron Bonehead Rec.}

Disembowel--Plagues And Ancient  Rites LP {Iron Bonehead Rec.}
 Disembowel are  a new  band  coming out  of Portugal's ancient  old school death metal scene  with  some early black metal influences mixed into the music.The  drumming is a mix of heavy mid paced drum patterns but the drummer also lets loose in some of the  tracks with  faster and crazed drums.Both the mid paced and faster drum styles  really work  with Disembowel's style.The  vocals are old school death metal growls and some gruff blackend screams used throughout the recording.The  guitars  are played  with extremely well written and played fast guitar patterns that  do slow to a more calmer and mid paced guitar  style.If you  are  a  fan of  early to mid 90's blackend death metal  be sure to  pick  up a copy of   Plagues And Ancient  Rites when it  is  released 
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