The Stone---Teatar Apsurda cd {Mizantropeon Rec.}


The  Stone---Teatar  Apsurda cd {Mizantropeon Rec.}

Serbia's reigning black metal band The  Stone  return  with their eighth full length.Teatar  Apsurda is seven songs  of traditional and authentic black metal with  some  majestic,somber elements used throughout the songs.The  guitars  are played  with  extremely fast guitar patterns but do slow  to  a more calmer and slower guitar tone.The vocals  are mix of gruff growls  and black metal  screams that really fit  The Stone's music.If you  are a  fan of  The Stone's past  releases  then be sure to  pick up  a  copy  of  Teatar  Apsurda  today as it is a good mix of fast and mid paced black metal.

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