Stark Denial-Covenant Of Black cd {Transcending Obscurity India}

Stark Denial--Covenant Of  Black  cd  {Transcending Obscurity India}

Stark  Denial who come out of  India's  black metal scene will unleash their debut cd  this March.Covenant Of  Black is eight tracks of cold,vicious black metal defintly rooted in the mid 90's black metal scene.The vocals are  raw and harsh black metal screams that really fit this bands musical style.The drums will pummel  the listener with  their speed and aggressive drum beats.The drummer does slow to a more calmer mid paced style in a few of the  songs.The guitars are played with both  extremly fast guitar chords that  do slow to a more mid paced range.The guitarist even adds some  well written guitar parts and even some solo's mixed in.If you  are looking for a  band that pays homage  to the 90's black metal  scene while incorporating  their own brand of black metal then be sure to  pick up a copy  of  Covenant Of  Black when it is  released on  Transcending Obscurity.
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