Interview with Abhordium done by Patrick posted on 12-23-17

Interview  with  Abhordium  done  by  Patrick

1.Hails Arttu when did you first meet the other members of the band and was it long before you all formed Abhordium?

Hi! I've been friends with the founding members a long time, but actually I'm the only one left nowadays. It think it was back in 2004 when we started playing together. We had a few black metal projects going on with Sauli Heikkilä and Jon Inkinen, but after Riku Kaukonen joined to play the second guitar, we had the idea that it would be cool to play death metal also. Then soon after this Jon asked Jarkko Neuvonen to join us so Sauli could concentrate on vocals. This is how Abhordium was born. Kari has been my friend from 2003 but he joined the band in 2009. Markus is also a long time friend, he joined Abhordium in 2015. Henry has been in the band from 2012 and Tommi is the newest member, he joined this year.

2.Who would you say are Abhordium's biggest influences?

I've been listening to metal since I was 7 years old so it has been a part of my life for long, but I also listen to many other different music genres so it's kind of hard to say for my self, but it's clear to us that for making this kind of music the biggest influences come from black metal. Mostly the usual second wave bands like Marduk, Dissection, Mayhem, Gorgoroth, Emperor etc. As for the death metal bands like Morbid Angel, Nile, Vader, Behemoth has influenced us a lot throughout the years.

3.Omega Prayer is the bands second full length how long did it take the band to write the music for this release?

We started to write the material in 2012 and all the song were ready in 2014. There were many issues during the years which delayed the release, but we're glad it's finally out.

4.Who usually takes care of writing the lyrics for the band?What are some subjects written about on Omega Prayer?

Actually I have done most of the lyrics, but Kari has also made few lyrics for this album and the debut. Omega Prayer has views of depravity of man and our societies and religion and it proclaims apocalyptic visions upon man., but there's also a side of introspection and studying the depths of consciousness.

5.Omega Prayer is being self-released did you and the band plan on self-releasing the new release or would you like to find a label to work with?

We planned back in 2015 that if we don't find any label to release this we're going to release it by ourselves this year. We've received some offers from few labels but we noticed that it would be best to just release it by ourselves. Like we did with the debut album and the EP also, since we know the cost of pressing the album and other production concerning it. But we're currently looking for labels that would be interested in our new material and perhaps a vinyl press of the ”Omega Prayer” Good thing is that we've made a worldwide distribution deal for the Omega Prayer album with the UK's Plastic Head and promotion deal with Grand Sounds Promotions.

6.Besides Omega Prayer does the band have any copies of the debut still available for the readers to buy?Besides physical releases does the band have any other merchandise available for the readers if yes what is available and where can the readers buy it?

Yes we still have the debut for sale. Besides the physical releases we have t-shirts, hoodies and longsleeves for sale. All of these can be bought strait from us or from our bandcamp page. We're planning to make new hoodies and maybe t-shirts soon.

7.Does Abhordium play live very often or do you prefer to work in the studio?What have been some of your most memorable shows over the years?

Our latest gig was last spring so it has been some time but of course we would like to play as many gigs as we can. Looking forward to see what kind of effect this release has and we already have big plans for 2018. There's a couple of shows I'd like to mention. One from the european tour back in 2009 in Wien's Viper Room. It was a nice metal club. The performance went well and the food was nice also. Unfortunately we did not have more time to walk around in Wien. Another show from the tour comes to mind. It was in Rotterdam's Baroeg Club which was a nice place. The crowd was receptive and I met a few interesting persons also and the show was during the day so we could sleep well 'till the next stop. There are also many shows here in Finland that has sticked to my mind in a good or bad way, but one particular show in our hometown Salo was a cool event. It was a metal event that my friend Ville arranged in Vuohensaari camping area. It was a nice thing, since many metalhead from Salo and the nearby towns came to have fun and watch the gigs.

8.Who are some bands you have shared the stage with?And are their any tours or shows planned for 2018 if yes where will the band be playing ?

Vuohivasara, Carnalation, Blastanus, Cumbeast, Devenial Verdict, Misanthropic Forest, Verge to name a few from Finland and Warpath (Ireland), Lividity (US), Requiem (Switzerland), Nordor (Greece) to name a few from the tour. We have booked few gigs for the next spring here in Finland and we are currently arranging more shows. We've also received some tour offers from foreign booking agencies, so we'll see what happens next year.

9.What does black metal mean to you?

I was 14 years old when I started actively listen to black metal and the philosophy, the ideology and mysticism behind it started to interest me. It has taught me a lot during the years and it became a lifestyle for me which represents freedom and individualism, a struggle against institutionalized religion, a channel to focus all the dark thoughts, a gateway to the depths of the mind and an exit from this mundane superficial world.

10.Arttu do you or any of the members currently work with any other bands or solo projects?

I've been a kind of session member in King Akira which is a melodic thrash/death metal metal band from Salo and I've recently helped Ragged Sound ry to play cover gigs. I also have black metal side-project, but it's progressing a bit slowly. Abhordium is of course my main band and it takes a lot of my time. Kari has been busy with his studio raja-audio and he has also a side project and they've just filmed a music video for that too. Markus has been recording with his main project Misanthropic Forest. Tommi is making new material for King Akira and also has been doing Abhordium's pre-production. Henry is the only one who doesn't have any other projects than Abhordium.

11.Abhordium comes out of Finland's black,death metal scene what are your thoughts on the Finnish black,death scene over the years?

I haven't actively followed the scene for a while, so I don't know all the new bands. Of course there's these old well-know bands that I like, but I've always been more into foreign black/death metal.

12.Who are your all-time favorite bands coming out of Finland and are their any new bands you feel the readers should watch out for?

Well if I have to name a few I would say Behexen, Deathchain, Demigod, Sacrilegious Impalement are the bands that I've listened a long time. From newer bands I would like to mention Desolate Shrine, their album The Heart Of The Netherworld was so oppressively dark album and I liked their latest one also. Would like to see them live someday.

13.Besides bands are their any labels or distro's you could recommend to the readers?

We'll I usually try to buy the music and merchandise straight from the bands, and I rarely order anything from foreign or finnish distro's. So I can't say much about them.

14.Thank you Arttu for taking the time to fill this interview out do you have any final words for the readers?

My pleasure. I've nothing else to say that remember to support metal and this scene to keep the flame burning!

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