Iron Bonehead Reviews done by Patrick posted on 12-31-17 {coming in early 2018}

Malakhim--Demo 1 Mcd,Mlp {Iron Bonehead  Rec.}
Iron Bonehead  Rec will be releasing Sweden's Malakhim in early 2018.Demo1 is three  tracks of  cold,brutal Swedish black metal with some death metal influences mixed into the songs.The guitars are played at a fast pace with some extremely well written and performed  patterns.The guitars are played with some  mid paced guitar sections and even mix in some well played solo's.The drumming is  done with both alot of skill and writing ability and powerful drum beats that  range from an all out assault of blast beats to a more calmer heavier mid paced drum style.The vocals are grim,raw screams and some deeper death metal growls used in a few of the  songs.If you  are looking to  start out 2018 with some intense  black metal  then be sure to pick up Malakhim's debut when it is  released.
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Vhorthax--Mother  Darkness Mlp,Mcd {Iron  Bonehead Rec}
 Vhorthax  are a new band coming out out of  Russia's black death metal scene.Mother  Darkness is the debut release featuring 4 songs of barbaric and primitive metal that showcase both raw black metal and some crushing heavy death metal influences.The drumming is  chaotic blast beats and some more controlled and slower drum parts mixed into the music.The vocals are a mix of low,heavy death metal growls  and raw blackend  screams both  vocal styles fit  Vhorthax's music perfectly.If you  are a fan of primitive blackend death metal  then do not miss the debut release of  Vhorthax which will be released in  early 2018.

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