Vhorthax interview done by Patrick posted on 12-30-17

Interview with Vhorthax done by Patrick

1. Hails at what age did you first discover metal music and who were the first bands you listened to?

It all began in the 80’s with a bunch of tapes my classmate had given me to check out. His stepfather would sometimes get metal vinyl records from somewhere (they were rare and very, very expensive in Russia back then) and my friend would dub them on tape and thus initiate me. Those were Accept - Restless & Wild, Exumer - Possessed by Fire, Running Wild - Gates to Purgatory, Branded & Exiled, Whiplash - Power & Pain, Gravestone - Creating A Monster, Warlock - Burning The Witches, Piledriver - Stay Ugly, Onslaught - Power From Hell, Razor - Malicious Intent, Judas Priest - Defenders Of Faith… There was so much great music. I was about 10 years old, innocent and receptive. But the innocence wouldn’t last long…

2. When did you first get the idea to start this band? And how did you all choose Vhorthax as the name of the band does it have a special meaning?

The idea to create Vhorthax entered my mind in 2016. I materialized this band to be able to ultimately express my own vision of what primitive, dark & suffocating black/death metal should sound like. M.P. and Nicholas-N.A.-I.I. from Abyssfire were willing to help me realize this vision. But Vhorthax is not a solo project but a full-functioning band. All three of us unchain our individual vortices of negativity to create a new darksome musical whole. As for the band name, Vhorthax is a kind of posthumous swirl that draws the dead souls to the other side. This word sounds as if uttered by the deceased awed by the greatness of the beheld vortex. It sounds archaic & deformed, just like this band’s music.

3. Who would you say are Vhorthax's biggest influences?

Darkness, the Devil and blasphemous METAL of old.

4.Nether Darkness is the bands debut EP. which is being released through Iron Bonehead Rec. in early January how did you all come in contact with the legendary Iron Bonehead Rec.?

I got to know Patrick of Iron Bonehead thru social media. He appeared to be a great person to speak about the underground scene, both old and new. He possesses a truly encyclopedic knowledge on the subject. So I now often ask Patrick for an advice on what old underground demo bands I ought to check out. The Past keeps many forgotten treasures.

5.How long did it take to write the music for the songs on the debut? Does the whole band take part in the writing process or does one member usually write everything?

The songs are evoked by our unholy trinity in our own underground bunker. Every entity of the trinity is contributing to the (un)creation of our worlds. There’s a certain degree of dictatorship on my part, I admit, but we generally share the same aesthetic so there are no conflicts as to what it all should sound, look or feel like. The lyrics are my sole responsibility.

6.What are some topics written about on Nether Darkness ? Which usually comes first the music or the lyrics?

I’ve always advocated the inseparability of the musical and the lyrical within the overall atmosphere of a song. So during rehearsals we develop a general idea, a feel of the song, we spew forth some words that fit the mood of a song. And then we gradually work our ways around all this. Lyrically Vhorthax is darkness, rituals, Death, the Devil. We seek to open a temporary gateway before the listener to travel into the darker past while our record is spinning. A sonic necromancy.

7.Does Vhorthax play live very often or do you prefer to work in the studio? Who are some bands Vhorthax has shared the stage with?

We are equally comfortable playing unseen in our bunker or exposed in a live setting, provided that we don’t have to run around trying to urgently find the needed gear which for some reason hadn’t been supplied by a venue, haha. Since members of Vhorthax also play in Abyssfire, I’ll mention the acts in both of these bands shared the stage with: Cult of Fire, Orthanc, Varhhorn, Blackdeath, Veter Demonaz, Pestilentia, Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult, Medico Peste, VTTA, Blackwinged...

8.Are their any shows or small tours coming up in 2018 in support of the debut?If yes where will the band be playing?

We don’t seem to have any clear-cut plans at this time.

9.Vhorthax comes out of Russia's blackend death metal scene what is your opinion of Russia's metal scene?

I don’t follow the local scene that closely. But since we personally know its many members plus I provide my Nether Temple Design artwork to some of the local bands, I’m pretty often privileged to check out the new releases first hand. Some excellent bands I’d recommend checking out: Veter Demonaz, Grey Heaven Fall, Evilwinged, Solis Sanguis, Old Chapel, Nezhivoi, Misanthropic Art, Ulvdalir, Pyre, VTTA, Chaosbringer, The Initiation, Blackdeath, Nuclear Cthulhu, Storming Darkness, Blackwinged, Wombripper, Plamen', Tanator, Black Flux, Grond, Ill Omened, Pseudogod...

10.Who are your all-time favorite bands coming out of Russia? Are their any new bands you feel the readers should check out soon?

Well, I have just answered the first part of your question. As for the newer bands I suggest the readers pay their attention to the upcoming full-length by the act called Nezhivoi.

11.Besides bands are their any honest and reliable distro's and labels you could recomend to the readers?

Iron Bonehead productions, Von Frost records (true tape worship!), Blood Harvest records, Lavadome productions, I, Voidhanger records, Godz Ov War productions, Larval Productions... Alas, the great Vault Of Dried Bones has recently shut its bony gates, but at least I hope Peter would deliver the goods with his band Azothyst!

12.Has the band started working on new music for the next release will it be a full length or a EP.?

In 2018 we’re planning to start writing new songs for a new full-length.

13.Besides working in Vhorthax do you or any of the members currently play in any other bands or solo projects?

As I’ve said earlier, all members of Vhortax including myself are involved in ABYSSFIRE. I also handle the vocal & lyrical matters in SICKRITES and SERPENTRANCE.

14.Thank you for taking the time to fill this interview out do you have any final words for the readers?

Worship HIM!

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