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Abhordium--Omega  Prayer  cd {Self-Released}

This is how blackend death metal  should  be  played vicious and uncomprimising .The drumming is done mainly  in the hyperspeed blasting drums but do slow to a calmer more mid paced  pace before going back to the aggressive hyperspeed  pace.The vocalist does a good mix of raw black metal screams and some deeper death  growls.Guitars are played with alot of skill and intensity that are played in the fast and ferocious patterns.If you  are looking for a brutal blackend death metal band then be sure to check out  Abhordium  today.

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Grimtone--Memento  Mori  cd {Rock  Shots Rec.}
Coming out of  the legendary Sweden's black metal is Grimtone.The music  is defintly  rooted  in the early Swedish and Norwegian black metal bands.The  vocals  are grim,raw black metal screams.The guitars  are played with extremely fast guitar patterns.If you enjoy  well written and played Swedish and Norweigan  influences  then  be sure to pick up a copy  of Memento  Mori.
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