Interview with Grimtone done by Patrick posted on 12-9-17

Interview with Grimtone  done by  Patrick 

1.Hails please introduce yourself to  the  readers and when did you first  start listening to  black metal?

Hails and thank you for your interest in Grimtone. 
My name is Michael and I play all the instruments in Grimtone. 
I discovered black metal in the mid 90's.

2.Who  were some of the  first  bands you  listened to and who  are  some of your  current  favorites?

The bands that got me into black metal were bands like Darkthrone, Emperor, Enslaved, Mayhem. The classic norwegian scene. I still listen to these bands but a lot of other bands as well; Aenaon, Corpus christii, Ultha, Void Omnia, Leviathan, A forest of stars, Furia etc etc.. The list is endless. Lately I've been going back to the very beginning of black metal, listening a lot to Venom, Bathory and Celtic frost. 

3.Grimtone  was formed in 2016 when did you  get the idea to  start this  band? And how  did you  choose  Grimtone  as the band's name?

 I had played various forms of metal in bands for years, but never black metal, so it was simply time for me to create black metal. This music is the music that is closest to my true being, the true me. The name comes from an old Second World War radio station a few miles from where I live. It's called Grimeton (notice the "E" in the middle). I thought that sounded right for a metal band and changed it from Grime to Grim, since I want our approach to our music to be grim. 

4.What is  the  current line up of  the band?And  who  would you  say  are  Grimtone's  biggest influences?

 We are two in this band. I create all the music and Linus writes the lyrics and sings.
 Biggest influences are hard to answer since I listen to a lot of different kinds of black. I also listen a lot to classical music. Not sure if you can hear it in our music though. 
 Nature, the forest is a very big influence when I create. 

5.Memento  Mori is  the debut release  which will be  released very soon how long did it take the  band to  write the music for the debut release?

 The embryo to what would become Memento mori dates back to the fall of 2015, however the real writing process began early 2016. The album was complete a about a year later, spring this year 2017. The EP was released this summer. 

6.Who usually  takes  care of writing the lyrics and what  are  some subjects you all wrote about  on Memento  Mori?

 On this album a good friend - Alex wrote lyrics for two of the songs and Linus wrote the rest. 
Both of them write about death. The transitionfrom life to death, The Great Unknown. 

7.Besides  the debut  cd  does the band have  any other  merchandise  available or coming soon? If  yes where  can the  readers  buy  it?

 We have no merch at all so far, but we hope to have t-shirts in the near future. 

8.What  does  black  metal  mean to you?

 Black metal means a state of mind. Black metal transports me beyond this life. Black metal is being part of something larger than life. Being part of the Great Unknown. 
Black metal isn't only a certain way of playing an instrument, it's more than the sum of it musical details. Certain harmonies are considered black metal, but that's not enough; elements beyond the music must be present. 

9. Grimtone comes out of  the Swedish  black metal  scene  what  is your  opinion  of the  Swedish black metal scene over the last 20-25 years?

 Sweden has a large and very vibrant black metal scene. Death metal has always been bigger in Sweden, but we are known for having a very solid black metal scene as well. 
Where would modern black metal be without Bathory? 
To have some of the biggest names in black come from Sweden says a lot about the evolution of black metal in this country: Dark funeral, Marduk, Watain to name a few. 

10.Who  are  your  all-time  favorite  Swedish  bands?And  are  there  any new  bands you  feel  the  readers  should  check  soon?

 Top three would have to be: Bathory, Dissection and Dawn. 
When it comes to slightly newer bands I really like Skogen, Craft and Armagedda. 

11.Besides  bands  bands  are  there any  good and reliable    labels or distro's  you  could recommend to  the  readers?

 There are many, but to name one I'd have to say Vendetta Records. They release some of the best black metal in the world. 

12.When  not  working on new music or  band  business   what  do you  like to  do in your  free  time?

 Most of my free time is devoted to music. I play in several other bands as well. I like to read though; fantasy/horror/sf mostly. 

13.Thank  you  for  taking  the  time to  fill  this  interview  out  do you  have  any  final  words  for the   readers?

 Thank you for showing an interest in Grimtone. We hope you enjoy our music and feel the presence of the Great Unknown in it. 

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