Interview with Hidden Marly Prod. posted by Patrick posted up on 12-3-17

Interview with  S. owner  of  Hidden  Marly Prod.  done  by  Patrick

1.Hello  S. please introduce yourself to  the  readers?

A. I'm manager of HMP. 

2.When did you first start listening  to metal music?And  who  were some of the  first  bands you listened to?

I don't remember. When I first noticed metal.

3.S. you  started  Hidden  Marly Prod. in 2010  what gave  you  the idea  to  start a  label?How  did you  choose  Hidden  Marly  as the  name of the label?

A. HMP started by Zero Dimensional Sub-Label. In the beginning, ZDR were supported for only Japanese Band. but I got lot of release offer from foreign Band's. and I wanted though release good foreign Band. so I started this label. 

4.What would you say is the easiest and hardest part of running a label?And would  you  have  any advice for anyone  thinking of starting  a label?

A. If you want managing label, you have to lot of moneymaking. CD and Vinyl sales figure's going down from few years ago. Also, When you given up on the way, don't start label. We have responsibility for Audience, Customer and Bands.

5.What  are your  current  releases that are available for the readers to  buy?

A. Mostly our release are available. you can find many release from ZDR online shop by Free Shipping.
6.Are you  currently  looking for  new bands to work with  and release or is the roster full at this time?What do you  look for  when signing  and releasing  a  band?

A. I'm always looking for good bands. and I can sure support for band's.
but lot of band's were good HMP reputation to friend by mouth to mouth, so I have lot of release in this moment. Our last work will be release in the Autumn 2018. 

7.Do  you  trade  with other labels from around the  world?If  any labels or distro's  are  reading  this  what  styles of metal do you  carry  in your  distro?If  anyone is  interested  how  can  they contact you for  possible  trades or wholesale  orders?

A. ZDR managing to our product of all stock. Distribtuion is ZDR mainly.
8.Do you  get  to  go to  a lot of  concerts  in your  city or  area?What have  been some of your most  memorable  concerts that you have   attended?

A. When I was younger, I went to lot of GIGs. Death, Black Heavy Metal and Hardcore etc... 

9.When  not  working  on  label  business  what  do you  like to do in your  spare  time?

A. I like solo travel. I will go to somewhere in a long vacation.
10.Thank you S. for  taking the time to fill this  interview out do  you  have  any  final  comments  for the  readers?

A. You're welcome. Thank you for the interested to our label. Our label is little bit passive, so we waiting for you guys action.
S / Hidden Marly Production

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