Akantha--Apocalyptic Psalms digital release {Self-Released} done on 4-6-18

Akantha--Apocalyptic Psalms  digital  release {Self-Released}
If you  are a  fanatic  of raw,violent black metal  then be sure to check out  Greece's Akantha's debut release today.Apocalyptic Psalms is six songs of crude  extremley fast black metal for the viciousness of the  band the music is very well played and composed.The vocals are grim,raw black metal screechy screams.The guitars are extremly fast and chaotic that fit the bands musicial style.The guitarist  does  slow to a  calmer mid paced  range throughout some of the  songs.The  drums are played with blast beats  and alot of skills throughout the  songs.If you  are a  fan of extremly fast and chaotic  black metal then be sure to  pick up Akantha's debut release  today.

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