Misanthropic Existence--Death Shall Be Served Cd {Aesthetic Death} posted on 4-6-18

Misanthropic  Existence--Death Shall Be  Served  Cd {Aesthetic Death}
Coming out  of the U.K's  blackend death metal scene is  Misanthropic Existence who will release their debut very soon.Death Shall Be Served  is eleven tracks of intense and vicious blackend death metal,The vocals are a mix of deep death metal growls  and black metal screams both vocal styles fit the bands music perfect. The drums are played with barbaric blasting drums patterns mixed with  some mid paced drum patterns are entertwined within the music.The guitars are played with insanely fast guitar chords and some well played  guitar patterns,  If you are looking for  brutal and violent blackend death metal  then look  no  further then  Misanthropic Existence  today.

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