Profane Order interview done by Patrick posted up on 4-6-18

Interview  with Profane  Order  done  by Patrick

1.Hails please introduce yourself to the readers?And how is life in Canada these days?

Profane Order is a black metal band from Montreal, QC. We have survived another long winter.

2.Profane Order was started in 2015 when did you first get the idea to start this band?

We began out of a desire to create black/death metal. We were aware of each other through our previous and/or current bands and felt we could develop something that would refine the efforts we were putting forth in other projects.

3.What is the current line of the band and who would you say are the bands biggest influences?
There are four members in the band. Our biggest influences are apparent in our music: BLASPHEMY, CONQUEROR, REVENGE, BLACK WITCHERY, ARCHGOAT, DIOCLETIAN, RIDE FOR REVENGE, etc.

4.Krucyator Prod. will be releasing a cd with the bands newest EP "Tightened Noose Of Sanctimony" with the bands debut as a bonus when did you first come in contact with this label?

We were approached by several labels in the months following the release of "Tightened Noose..." but opted to wait for the right one. Loic is dedicated to underground metal and we respect the fellow Canadian bands on his label.

5.How long did it take to write the music for the new EP. Tightened Noose Of Sanctimony?Does the whole band take part in the writing process or does one member usually write everything?

"Tightened Noose..." was written in about 8 months. Typically one member will bring a completed song to the table and the other members will work it out and make changes if necessary.

6.Who usually handles writing the lyrics and what are some subjects you all write about on the new release?

Overall themes of hate, death, war, perversion, misanthropy and nihilism can be found within most of the tracks. The lyrics are intended as an evocation of violence and hostility that is then turned into strength. It is about personal truth.

7.Besides the upcoming release does the band have any other merchandise available for the reader to buy?If yes what is available and where can the readers buy it?

We have the second pressing of "Tightened Noose..." on tape, plus longsleeves. Both of which will be available through our Bandcamp when we return from our tour this April. There will be a Southeast Asian edition of "Tightened Noose..." appearing eventually on tape via DIABOLICURST PRODUCTIONS.

8.Besides working in Profane Order do you or any of the members currently work with any other bands?

Between all members we are involved in various projects such as BLOOD SACRIFICE, EYES OF NIGHT, HARUSPEX, SPECTRAL WOUND, TAGGARIK. Many of these projects share similar members. We keep things close

9.Does Profane Order play live very many live shows if yes what have been some of the most memorable shows so far?

We have only recently eclipsed the 10-show mark in our roughly 3 years as a band. We prefer to reserve our live performances for certain occasions such as our friends passing through on tour or playing with bands we have a lot of respect for. Highlights have been playing with FUNEBRARUM, OATH DIV.666, TOMB MOLD, AHNA, PIG'S BLOOD, etc as well as with our counterparts in BLOOD SACRIFICE and SPECTRAL WOUND.

10.Are their any shows or tours planned this spring or summer?If yes where will the band be playing?
"Traitor's Perdition - Spring 2018" looks like this:
April 3 - Montreal - Brasserie Beaubien w/ SKUMSTRIKE, BANAL
April 4 - Ottawa - Funeral Home w/ OCCULT BURIAL, VOMIIR
April 5 - Toronto - Faith/Void w/ TOMB MOLD, REAL WORLD, CEMETERY CURSIVE
April 6 - Vancouver - Alf House (TBC)
April 8 - Victoria - Logan's Pub w/ HUMAN AGONY / PAIN APPENDIX, SHIBBOLETH
April 10 - Kamloops - The Grindhouse w/ REGRESS, BOOTLICKER
April 11 - Olympia - The Cryptatropa
April 12 - Portland - Gil's Speak Easy w/ DIABOLIC OATH
April 13 - Seattle - The Black Lodge w/ HISSING, PUTRID TEMPLE
April 14 - Vancouver - The Black Lab w/ REGRESS

11.What does underground metal mean to you?

Our underground extends beyond metal and has close ties with punk and harsh noise. We are interested in all forms of underground art and expression.

12.Profane Order comes out of Canada's black,death metal scene what are your thoughts of the Canadian metal scene?
There are a lot of bands that are dedicated to making devastating raw black/death/whatever. We have connections spread throughout the country, but there is a lot of distance between all of the major hubs. As far as Montreal goes there is an extremely dedicated few in this city that keep the spirit of metal, and underground music in general, alive. Festivals like MESSE DES MORT and COVENANT. Labels like TOUR DE GARDE, SEPULCHURAL PRODUCTIONS, NOIR SUR NOIR. Record stores like CHEAP THRILLS. All of these people are totally devoted to the underground and are held in our highest regards.

13.Who are your all-time favorite bands coming out of Canada?And are their any new bands you feel the readers should watch out for?

Our all-time favourites are nothing more than the obvious: BLASPHEMY, CONQUEROR, DEATH WORSHIP, TOMBEAU, REVENGE, SECT PIG, etc. Out of the current crop of relatively new faces BLOOD SACRIFICE (Montreal), CEREMONIAL BLOODBATH (Vancouver), TEMPLE OF ABANDONMENT (Vancouver) are all worth keeping an eye on. Bands like ALTERED DEAD, DEATHWINDS, HUMAN AGONY, ILMESTYS, TOMB MOLD, etc should also be on everyone's radar.

14.Besides bands are their any good,honest Canadian labels you could recommend to the readers?

Labels and distros we respect are EYE AND EAR CONTROL (Winnipeg), NOIR SUR NOIR (Montreal), TOUR DE GARDE (Montreal). There are few that achieve longevity in this country, but they are among the most dedicated anywhere.

15.Thank you for taking the time to fill this interview out do you have any final words for the readers?

Total support to the underground.

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