Interview with Abhor posted on 4-8-18

Interview with Abhor done by Patrick

1.Hails please introduce yourself to the readers?

Kvasir: Abhor here, hailing from Italy, the land of the Christianity but also where its major enemies dwells, land with a strong tradition when it comes on topics as witchery, occultism and darkness…keeping the black flame alive since ’95 and still riding the goat stronger than ever.

2.When did you first discover black metal and who were some of the first bands you listened to? Who are some of your current favorite bands?
Kvasir: we started listening to metal by the end of the ‘80ies/beginning of the ’90ies when there were very little boundaries between black/death/thrash it was perhaps just extreme music back then. The most interesting bands were those with a very strong attitude and a crushing impact. Nowadays favorite bands? Well, that’s a difficult or endless one, we still listen to a huge amount of music to be honest mostly records from the past…

3.Abhor was formed back in 1995 what gave you all the idea to start this band? And how did you choose Abhor as the name of the band?
Saevum: Abhor is the musical materialization of our Occult World. In the early ’90s, I decided to publish my esoteric studies and realized that black metal, was the complete way of art that would have allowed my experiences to take a definite shape. At that time we were young but determined and the Abhor’s concept fit perfectly to incarnate the whole art I had in my mind. The name was quickly chosen: A B H O R! It sounded appropriate and its figurative meaning is the idea of the “opposite” and the Black Principle. After a while also the Vinum Sabbati was born, a trademark that features the presence of one or more members of our congregation and that is not only dedicated to musical activities..

4.How would you say Abhor's music has changed and evolved over the years? Who would you say are the bands biggest influences?
Kvasir: Our music has definitely changed over the years, what’s the point to record 5 albums all like each others?! We’ve enjoyed experimenting new things with every records, some turned out great some other a little bit less. Biggest influences comes certainly from music we listen to but also from what we have and see around us every day, have you ever been to Italy? It’s all about historical villages, churches, old villas, seventeenth gardens, castles, ruins, esoterical architectonics games and more. One great influence is the early black metal scene, for instance, bands from Unisound Records and Turbo Music!

5.Back in the 90's were you a big reader of fanzines if yes what were some of your favorite fanzines that you liked to read?
Saevum: I grew up surrounded by zines, tapes and flyers ha ha ha! I still have everything stored in boxes and sometimes I browsed them to remember the good times. I bought and traded mainly Italian zines, not only of musical themes but also concerning occultism and esoteric groups. I remember Vampiria, Korova milk bar, Bylec-Tum, the zines of O.T.O. and the Golden Down... Obviously some copies of The Slayer mag, and all the zines where Abhor appeared. We also issued our own zine back then, the name was Dainalech.

6.Besides fanzines tape trading was big back in the 80's and 90's were you into tape trading in the early years?
Kvasir: that’s how I grew up, I was younger and with little money to buy original stuff (it was also not so easy to get them as distribution in the area was poor) so trading was the way to get music…and the more tapes you got the more you wanted, I remember those years as a bloodbath of passion and still lot of nostalgia through me as I remember back then. I’ve got in contact with many persons, some of them I’ve recently met for the first time, after years of trading/writing!!! I mean it’s still cool to listen to metal but the feeling is obviously not the same, much went lost with internet and the modern digital approach. Anyway I am and will always be a cassette-lover…still buying and trading tapes in 2018…and that’s probably why we possibly have all Abhor records pressed on tapes beside the regular cd-version.

7.Abhor will be releasing their seventh release Occulta ReligiO through Iron Bonehead Rec, when did you and the band come in contact with Iron Bonehead Rec.?
Kvasir: oh well, nothing really exceptional I just sent out some songs to Patrick that showed us interest in our music and after some days the contract was signed.

8.Does the whole band take part in the writing process or does one member write everything?
Saevum: The writing process is carried on by Kvasir and me. We usually work on guitar and bass guitar lines and decide 90% of the song's structure. After that, when the recording session starts, we give instructions on how we’d like the drums, keyboards and the vocals lines. Our albums are born in front of fire and wine!

9.Who usually handles the lyrics for the music and what are some subjects written about on Occulta ReligiO?
Saevum: As in any other Abhor’s album the lyrics are written by Ulfhedhnir and me. We haven’t followed a precise concept with this last work but we have been involved in various themes concerning ancient rituals, Black Magic, Satanisminstead ... Ulfhedhnir's lyrics are very personal and vaguely dreamlike- style, while what I expose it always get the dimension of a compendium ... I have always used various verses in the ancient clerical Latin language. The title of the opera says all, Witchcraft is our primary source of inspiration.

10.Besides the upcoming release are the bands previous releases still available for the readers to buy? Besides physical releases does the band have any other merchandise available for the readers if yes what is available and where can the readers buy it?
Kvasir: some of them are, perhaps re-press LP or TAPE version + some merchandising like Tshirts and pins. Just drop me a line at trades are also welcome (with selected stuff)

11.Does Abhor play live or do you prefer to work in the studio? What have been some of Abhor's most memorable shows over the years?
Saevum: Abhor isn’t playing live at the moment. Personally I prefer to devote myself to the study and composition of the songs following my own order, and not being guided by other circumstances. Years ago we used to play gigs quite often, probably with all the most important bands of the black metal scene, travelling all over Italy and sometimes abroad. I remember several memorable concerts... like a live together with Horna in northern Italy: people became crazy and it was really exciting! About negative experiences I remember a gig in support to Enslaved, where we were treated really badly and humiliated by both the staff and Enslaved: we had to play with a 4-track mix and allowed only to use a small space of the stage that was completely occupied by their instruments...we wanted to refuse playing, but for the respect of the audience, we did our show.

12.Are there any tours or shows planned in support of the new release? If yes where will the band be playing?
Saevum: Nothing planned! There were some rumors about Inferno Festival next year ... we'll see ...

13.What does black metal mean to you?
Kvasir: filthy rotten anthems dedicated to the one who shall conquer the world. 777!

14.Abhor comes out of Italy's black metal scene what is your opinion of the Italian metal scene over the years?

Saevum: the following comes out of my experience: What I remember with pride and nostalgia is the glorious Italian black metal scene that had developed in the 90s: great bands and great personalities, we hanged out together and supported each other with live, tape-trading, hard copy zine, etc ... the quality of music that came out at that time was very high. Then suddenly we started suffering from bigger shocking facts of the Norwegian scene like the church burning various murders and the Italian scene went to the background as well as Greece, France,Poland, Finland and all the others ... then anno 2000 era of internet and digitals: at that point all that was elitist was spread into public for bigger audience and for the masses. The union between the bands started falling apart and people have found a shelter behind a keyboard. Currently there is no Italian scene from my point of view ... there are a lot of good bands, but no scene ... everyone is playing his solo game or jerking off in front of the screen ...

15.Who are your all time favorite bands coming out of Italy? Are their any new bands you feel the readers should check out soon?
Kvasir: great band from the Italian soil are Black Prophecies and Ghostrider for their rotten demos, Run after to, Paul Chain, Black Hole, Sacrilege and Jacula for the Italian dark sound, Dark Quarterer for their first great album combing heavy metal and hard rock, Fingernails for the 1984 recording with Adele Sperati (fucking love it!!!), Excidium for their whole discography when it comes on black metal I dig Maldoror “Ars Magika” …it was just the first names coming in mind but there are MANY worth a spinning.
Among the new comers I enjoyed albums from Hands of Orlac, Necromutilator, Sign of the Jackal, Witchunter, Morbo…

16.Thank you for taking the time to fill this interview out do you have any final words for the readers?
Saevum: May the blessing of the Black Goat fall onto you! Join us in the Vinum Sabbati Congregation... Abhor, another thorn in the crown of Jesus! Amen

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