Interview with Misanthropic Existence posted on 4-8-18

Interview  with  Misanthropic  Existence   done by Patrick

1.Hails please introduce yourself to the readers?

Greetings, we are Misanthropic Existence. We are Lord Hypocrisy on vocals and guitar, Ealdor Bana on backing vocals and guitar, Samorodek on backing vocals and bass guitar and Cymbal Rapist on drums. For the purpose of this interview it shall be I, Lord Hypocrisy who you are speaking with at this time.
2.When did you  first  start listening to death and black metal music?And  who  were the  first  bands you  listened  to?

To speak loosely for all members, we have been into extreme metal music since at least early teenage years. Bands that went further than our love for Slayer were bands such as Behemoth, Nile, Mayhem, Decapitated, Suffocation, Carpathian Forest, Marduk, Deicide, Emperor.. the list could keep going, there were many bands we all first listened to but here is to name a few of them.

3.When did you  first  meet the other members of the  band?And was it long before you all formed  Misanthropic  Existence?

Speaking of myself, Lord Hypocrisy, I had known Ealdor Bana and Samorodek both quite well as friends during some years before the formation of Misanthropic Existence. I was in a previous band called Rigor Mortal at the time and we used to play gigs and these guys were present at our shows, in those days I used to throw insane parties at a house I had at the time and we all used to congregate there and get stoned and drunk and who knows what together, all of course with metal music accompanying us wherever we were, and it was around this time that my former band split up due to personal differences.
I have always been a very determined individual and was especially determined at this point to get right into forming a new group and do much more and much bigger things, the bassist at the time with the old band joined me and we searched for the missing link, namely a drummer. That was when after searching for a while we found ourselves referred to Cymbal Rapist by a mutual friend of ours all, and so I made contact with him. We agreed to try something out, organised a practice and after a few weeks of demoing and running through some of my guitar riffs we had completed a couple of tracks we were very happy with. We named the band Misanthropic Existence and after more material, various line-up changes and introducing the current members into the mix, here we are today.

4.Who  would you  say  are the bands biggest  influences?

Our influences are vast and too numerous to count as we are all as individuals very active and passionate listeners of extreme metal and music, for myself, I draw less and less inspiration or influence from music of others as time goes on, and instead try my utmost to inspire and influence myself and refine my own craft as much as possible to try and utilise best my abilities to reach my goal – to create the most nihilistic, angry, hatred fuelled and apocalyptic extreme metal I can, to reflect upon my own world views and state of mind.

5.Death Shall Be Served is the bands debut release which is  being released through Aesthetic Death how did you and the band come in contact with this label?

*The albums name is “Death Shall Be Served.”*
Through a mutual friend actually. It’s funny really, because where we live is a very small village, very conservative area, nothing notable outside of the dog walking and cups of teas and routinely pruned gardens, and unbeknown to any of us until our paths crossed through this mutual friend, there was an active extreme music label, a producer of extreme music and an extreme metal band. Naturally this intrigued all of us! Stu from Aesthetic Death kept tabs on our productivity and remained interested in what we were doing and likewise us with Aesthetic Death. It wasn’t until we finished recording Death Shall Be Served that Stu asked for a copy to listen to, he then came back and told us he really liked what he heard, and said that he was willing to green light a run of the album if we were happy to work together. We all agreed and the album found physical form.

6.Does  the whole  band take part  in the writing process or does one member usually  write  everything?
I write the guitars first normally or at least have a few riffs to start, the drums are then normally arranged by Cymbal Rapist and we then finish tracks typically together, we then get everyone else to put their parts towards it, and then I write the lyrics.

7.Has  Misanthropic  Existence played very many  live shows or do you prefer working in  the  studio?
We have indeed played quite a few shows, we have been getting more and more busy with shows lately with a main stage appearance at this year’s Incineration Festival in London alongside Abbath, Taake, Sarkom, Rotting Christ and others.. We really enjoy all aspects of the music, we love playing live and also we love working in the studio. Since the release of the album we have been hitting the road as much as we can.

8.What have  been some of the  bands most memorable  shows  so far?Are their any upcoming tours or shows   in support  of  the debut if  yes  where will the band  be  playing?
Each has been memorable in their own way, other than the aforementioned incineration festival appearance we also have played a show for terrorizer magazine one Halloween, we have played with some great bands in gigs all around the UK, at various venues and some to mention which we really liked the most were fuel rock bar in Cardiff, the chameleon arts cafe in Nottingham, the Hobgoblin in Camden, London, the frog and fiddle in Cheltenham and our local at Worcester the Marrs bar. Each if these venues have great environments and a great set up with great promoters and we highly recommend them.

9.What does underground  metal  mean to  you?
To me, underground metal means offensive, deep and dark, real heavy metal that provokes thought and inspires to reach the limits of extremity and musicianship. It is a real scene with real people doing real music, the good honest way in a world so far gone with media saturation, money and politics. It’s where people can really let go and be themselves, where the like minded meet and where the differences between us are ironed out and our experiences shared. It’s the best source of music you can get anywhere as it is true, exactly what it says on the label and gives so much more than the asking price. Alot of the bands in the underground consistently outdo the mainstream in every way except their bank balances and that is why it is important to support your local underground scene, it promotes culture and keeps things real.

10.Misanthropic  Existence  comes out of  the U.K blackend death metal  scene what  are your  thoughts  on the  scene in  the U.K?
The scene in the UK seems varied and fairly strong, there are plenty of very good bands out there to find and enjoy and the most strong elements here seem to be found in doom, hard-core, grind-core, death metal and thrash. There is not so much in the way of black metal here as much as could be found in Europe for example but some that does exist is definitely very good, like most things though it’s all about finding the time to search and sift through what’s there to find your personal favourites.

11.Who  are your  all-time favorite  bands  coming out of  the U.K? And  are their  any new  bands you  feel  the  readers  should  check  out  soon?
Agrona are very good, so too are Blasfeme, we would also say Cranial Separation, Heathen Deity and Bast. These are our favourite bands we know of and have either played with or highly regard right now from the UK underground scene. The beauty of it being there are still so many to discover, And we look forward to the opportunity to do so.

12.Thank you  for taking the   time  to  fill  this  interview  out  do you  have  any  final  comments  for the  readers?
We want to thank all who enjoy the album and what we do for the continued support, and we would like to ask that everyone keeps supporting underground metal. When you buy a t-shirt or a CD or go to a show, you are actively helping these musicians who have put alot of their own time and money into what they do and it truly comes from a passion, it is more important now than ever in the current climate to keep supporting your local musicians and scene and also the bands within the underground as a whole, it’s important for culture and that includes your own enjoyment. Praise and hails to all the readers and keep the flame of extremity and passion burning \M/

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