Atomicide--Furious And Untamed 7Inch {Iron Bonehead Rec.} Posted on 6-6-18

Atomicide--Furious  And Untamed 7Inch {Iron Bonehead Rec.}
Chile's Atomicide have been a long running thrashy death metal band started in 2003.Atomicide have unleashed a  barrage of  demo's,ep's and split releases plus two full length releases.Furious And Untamed is the bands newest ep featuring two new tracks of barbaric and violent thrashy death metal.Side A is Furious And Untamed which is a masterpiece of chaotic and heavy death thrash metal.The drumming is vicious and barbaric drumming style the drummer mainly plays with the fast drumming style  but does slow to a heavier mid pace in some sections.The vocals  are low deep death metal growls.The second  song is Flagelliant Rust/outro  is performed in the same vein with blasting fast drums that played and executed with alot of talent and skills.The guitars are played with razorsharp fast chords and patterns. If you are familar  with  Atomicide's previous  releases and loved them do yourself a favor  and pick up a  copy  of  Furious And Untamed  when it is  released.

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