Trenchant--Martial Chaos demo[Self-Released}

Trenchant--Martial  Chaos demo[Self-Released}
Coming out of the Texas death metal scene is the new band Trenchant.Martial Chaos is the bands  debut  demo which features  three  songs of mid paced death metal with war and black metal elements mixed in with the music.The music is mainly played  in the mid paced  realm  with  some faster more aggressive  chords and patterns used throughout the songs.The vocals  are a mix of gruff,raw death metal growls and some screams are used as well.The guitars are played with a lot of skill and experience with the guitarist playing both mid paced and some  faster more aggressive patterns.The drumming is done  with  mid paced  drums  that are well executed.The drums  do speed up  to a faster pace in some of the songs.I believe  this is a  digital  release  but the band has  said their is a  cd  version coming out  soon  so if you  are into  well executed and performed  death metal  then be sure to check  Trenchant  out today.

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