Hornwood Fell--Inferus digital release {Self-released} done on 6-23-18

Hornwood Fell--Inferus digital release {Self-released}
Hornwood Fell are a black metal band  coming out of the Italian scene.Inferus is the bands newest EP.featuring three songs of raw,grim extremely fast and chaotic black metal.The vocals are grim black metal screams and some shrieks are used in a few sections of the songs their is even some deeper death growls used in a few parts.The guitars are played with some intense and crazed guitar patterns and structures that are a whirlwind of riffs.The guitarist does slow to a more calm and mid paced range throughout a few of the songs before cutting loose and going for the crazed black metal style and sound.If you are looking for a band that plays old-school intense black metal  then do yourself a favor and check out Inferus today.

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