Goat Disciple--Wolfcult Domination cd,cassette {Blood Harvest Rec.} 6-1-18

Goat Disciple--Wolfcult  Domination cd,cassette {Blood Harvest Rec.}
Coming out  of Salt Lake City,Utah's blackend death war metal scene  is Goat Disciple.Wolfcult Domination is the  bands debut featuring  four tracks of crazed and heavy blackend death metal madness.The drumming is played  with hyper fast blasting drums that fit Goat Disciple's style  perfectly.The vocals are low,deep growls and some harsh screams are used throughtout  some of the songs.If you  are looking for a band that plays  uncompromising and violent black,death metal  with elements of war metal entertwined in the music  then  do yourself a favor  and pick up a  copy of Wolfcult Domination when it is  released.

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