Nachtfrost--Spectral Domains Of Dusk cd {Lower Silesian Stronghold} posted on 6-22-18

Nachtfrost--Spectral Domains Of Dusk  cd {Lower Silesian Stronghold}
Nachtfrost is a band from the Greek black metal scene who have released two previous demo's.Spectral Domains Of Dusk is the bands  newest EP. that features both a intro and outro along with four tracks of intense and melodic black metal elements that are entertwined within the music.The vocals are raw black metal screams and some deeper screams the vocalist even adds some clean vocal sections in the music.The guitars are played with some excellent fast patterns and chords that do slow to a  mid paced range. The guitarist plays both fast patterns but does blend in some well written and arranged passages even adding some  solo's into the music.If you are looking  for a band that plays  intense yet melodic well performed and written black metal then be sure to pick up  a  copy of  Spectral Domains Of Dusk  today.
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