Caveman Cult--Supremacia Primordial 10"Mlp {Larval Prod.} posted up on 6-10 -18

Caveman Cult--Supremacia  Primordial 10"Mlp {Larval  Prod.}
Caveman Cult comes out of Flordia's war blackend death metal scene.The newest EP. Supremacia Primordial is four songs of brutal and savage war metal insanity.The vocals are a mix of raw black metal screams and some deeper screams and growls.The drumming is done with  non stop hyperspeed blast beats  that fit Caveman Cult's style perfectly.If you are looking for a band that  plays barbaric and violent style of War metal then do yourself a  favor and pick up a copy  of  Supremacia Primordial  today.

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